Never Give Up! A Survivor's Story

by Randy B.

I’m a brain injury survivor. In 1980 I was traveling on I-240 in Oklahoma City when a car fell out of the sky, landing through my windshield. Did I mention that I was driving a 1977 Corvette? The fiberglass caved in on my head and I suffered a severe deep subdural-hematoma on the right side of my head. Paralysis set in on my total left side. The Doctors told my parents that if I survived, I’d never walk again.

After being a strong athlete in high school and working at a very physical job at the time, I wasn’t going to just give up. It was quite a shock for me finally waking up a month later realizing what had happened. I was unable to walk to the bathroom and take care of myself. It was very hard to just live day to day after a brain injury but as my dad said, YOU CAN’T GIVE UP.

The first month I went to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy every day. Some days I did not know I was there. After realizing what was going on, I wanted to walk so bad. I worked harder than ever for the next few weeks and then stood up on the parallel bars. MY FIRST STEPS UP! It was great! Every day the transporter would wheel me back to my room after PT. One day when I was walking with a walker I slowly made my way back to the room by myself. When I walked through the double doors on my floor the nurses couldn’t believe it.

Two and a half months later, I got to go home to stay, only going back for therapy. It just so happened to be Christmas Eve. So, I was sitting there with my family doing our yearly Christmas event. I asked my Mom to stand in the kitchen, I stood up and took my first ten steps to her with no help for her Christmas gift.

A person could not go through something like that without GOD. Many prayers were answered for me as I faced the trauma. Every experience will be different. It’s a life changing experience. All you can do is not to Give UP!!!!