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Brain Injury Alliance of OklahomaThe Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma (BIA-OK) is Oklahoma's foremost advocacy organization for survivors of brain injury. As a non-profit organization, we strive to educate survivors, family members, professionals, and the public about all matters related to brain injury.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma, Inc. is to create a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma was first organized in 1980 as the Oklahoma Head Injury Foundation. It was reorganized 1997 and is a private, not-for-profit corporation serving persons with traumatic/acquired brain injuries (TBI/ABI), their families, professionals and the community.

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The Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Phantom Fund Drive as a part of March’s Brain Injury Awareness Month! The theme this year is “Brain Injury- Oklahoma, What Can You Do??" The drive will begin March 1st and run throughout the month until March 31st.

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The Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma is a 501 (c) (3) Registered Corporation.


The Brain Injury Guide & Resources -
Articles and videos about brain injury. This Brain Injury Guide and Resources website is the result of collaboration between the University of Missouri, School of Health Professions, Department of Health Psychology and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MO-DHSS). The Missouri Traumatic Brain Injury Implementation Partnership Project, awarded to MO-DHSS by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provided financial resources for this website.

Looking for Oklahoma Brain Injury Services and Programs?

Check out the Oklahoma Head Injury Programs and Services Directory.

Learn More About Brain Injury in Oklahoma

Each year, nearly 20,000 Oklahomans visit a hospital over a brain injury. Download the Federal TBI Program State Grant Fact Sheet here.

You can also run your own search about brain injury in Oklahoma at the OSDH Injury & Prevention Service's OK2Share site.

Find out about the OSDH Traumatic Brain Injury Program here, and download the following materials about TBI here:

Go to Traumatic brain injury resource. Brain injury facts, information, symptoms and support. Resources for preventing, treating, and living with brain injury. This is a terrific site and a valuable resource for survivors, their families, and professionals!


The Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma (BIA-OK) is an advocate for persons who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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Family and Friends

Family and friends can have a great influence on the outcome of the brain injury survivor. Strong support networks are important.

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Professionals are an important component of the successful outcome for a brain injury survivor. In fact, it takes a whole TEAM of professionals! Working together.

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